Zuleyka Rivera, Miss Universe 2006, brings her beauty, talent and Latin wit to the TV screen to host a fresh, informative, inspiring, dynamic and always entertaining magazine show targeted to the female audience.

Latin Angels takes the viewer to exotic locations around the world.  This series has been a global success, which is why it has been annually produced for nearly ten years. 

Behind the Beauty will take viewers inside one of the world’s most prestigious beauty pageants, Miss Venezuela, to closely follow the 2015 contestants as they undergo rigorous physical and emotional preparation.

Would you like to transform yourself into the person you really want to be? There’s an app for that! Al least that’s what 13 year-old Cindy discovers one day when looking at the applications available on her mobile phone.

Get ready for the most gripping, adrenaline-filled, nail biting reality footage available today—over 400 hours of extreme video action, ranging from high-speed pursuits and violent gang shootouts to nerve-racking rescues, out-of-control fires and much more.

Ana Lorena Rincón is a beautiful young woman who lives in the low-income Los Angeles neighborhood called “La Esperanza.”  When she and Diego Luján meet by chance at a store, the heir to a successful advertising agency is so affected that he cannot get her out of his h

Merging the talk show and variety genres into one, Roxanna delivers a highly entertaining mix of celebrity interviews, monologues, comedy sketches and musical numbers in a dynamic format where conversation and fun always go

When Pat, a teenager from the distant future, travels back in time to study the world of 2015 as part of a school field trip, she has no clue that she’ll be stranded in that boring and primitive time for three years.

This fun-filled, fantasy teen series follows the adventures of the students at the Royal School, a unique academy located in a paradisal kingdom named Enchanted Island.

This format breaks the mold by delivering valuable health and wellness information in a simple, entertaining, and unique way—giving the audience the opportunity to “consult” with medical professionals and hear “what the doctors say.”